hands_chartsWe know that reaching a fair and timely resolution is desirable regardless of the nature of the issue at hand. It takes teamwork. Whether dealing with an honest disagreement between reasonable parties or a matter of gross misrepresentation, a fair resolution entails doing the right thing throughout the process, gathering the relevant facts and presenting them in clear and credible terms. Inevitably, some disputes will not be resolved outside of court. In that event, we look at issues critically and attempt to bring up questions before the opposition does. Our work is part of a team effort led by counsel. Our experience in forensic accounting dates back more than 25 years. Robson Lenhart, PC was founded in 1995 by Leslie W. "Les" Robson, CPA.


Leslie W. Robson, CPA, CVA, CFF

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 Benjamin R. Lenhart, CPA

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Our Mission

"To provide our clients timely, dependable answers based on competent and objective analysis."

Case Studies

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